Hear From Regulatory and Pharmaceutical Industry Leaders this June

The 6th annual conference will gather the growing freeze drying community, filled with industry thought leaders and principle scientists involved in: manufacturing, material sciences, bio-therapeutics and pharmaceutical engineering.

If you haven’t checked out the agenda yet, download a brochure today to see the full line-up of speakers and a detailed programme for 2018.


A packed programme featuring the best speaker line-up to date

Hear from our global panel of over 16 speakers to strengthen knowledge in key topics such as PAT and QbD, whilst staying at the forefront of technological breakthroughs to adapt to growing drug production demands.

DON’T MISS our case studies from:

  • NIBSC – MHRA, and gain exposure to regulatory guidelines, and explore dynamic and existing technologies to optimise freeze drying cycles.
  • GSK, to explore examples of stability evaluation using water activity measurement and mathematical modelling, to evaluate the stability of freeze-dried vaccines.
  • Boehringer-Ingelheim to understand the core essentials of biologics in the freeze drying process.
  • Janssen, who will be discussing QbD strategies including the timing/conditions, and typical sources of variation for lyophilization and spray drying processes.
  • University of Kentucky, to examine the errors and challenges associated with predicted stability value, and the tools used.

And many more!

Further information and the complete brochure is available at: www.pharmafreezedrying.com/pjpr

SMi presents the 6th annual conference:
Pharmaceutical Freeze Drying Technology
Date: 13th – 14th June 2018
Workshops: 12th June 2018
Location: Holiday Inn Kensington Forum, London UK
Website: www.pharmafreezedrying.com/pjpr


Contact Information:

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About SMi Group:

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