Ubiquigent and FORMA Enter an Exclusive R&D Collaboration to Develop Novel DUB Inhibitors

Ubiquigent Limited announced that it has entered into a multi-year strategic R&D collaboration agreement with FORMA Therapeutics for the design and development of novel deubiquitylase (DUB) enzyme inhibitors. Under the terms of the collaboration agreement, Ubiquigent will receive an upfront payment with research support and is eligible for possible additional milestones payments.

The collaboration builds on an existing long term relationship between the parties whereby FORMA has accessed Ubiquigent’s DUBprofiler™ platform for the screening of test compounds. This expanded partnership agreement brings together the strengths of both parties and leverages Ubiquigent’s chemistry and biology platforms to design novel DUB inhibitors.

Under the terms of the collaboration agreement, Ubiquigent will design novel DUB inhibitors and evaluate them using its biology platform. During this term, FORMA will have exclusive access and option for WW license to all compounds and associated data from Ubiquigent libraries generated under the alliance. Furthermore, Ubiquigent will work exclusively for the benefit of FORMA on a specific defined number of DUB targets.

Ubiquigent is a world-leading provider of biological and chemistry based assay services and expertise in the emerging space of ubiquitin-system drug discovery. Historically, one of the main rate limiting factors has been the availability of small molecules to support early drug development. This agreement with FORMA validates Ubiquigent’s strategy of developing highly-targeted, small molecule libraries focused on unlocking the potential of DUB enzymes for the development of novel therapeutics.

In parallel with this latest collaboration, Ubiquigent will continue to provide access to its ubiquitin system focused capabilities to the wider scientific community including its Research Tools, Drug Discovery Services and non-exclusive compound libraries. It will also continue to explore other opportunities for more strategic collaborations in the ubiquitin field.

Ubiquigent’s Commercial Director, Mr. Jason Mundin commented: “We are extremely pleased to enter into our first collaboration agreement of this type. This agreement represents not only the next step in our relationship with FORMA, but also validates our approach of combining targeted chemistry with a focused biology platform. We look forward to working more closely with our colleagues at FORMA in this exciting field.”

“DUBs are an increasingly important family of drug targets for many therapeutic directions,” stated Chris Dinsmore, Ph.D., Vice President and Head of Chemistry, FORMA Therapeutics. “Combining Ubiquigent’s drug design talents and proven capabilities with FORMA’s repertoire of DUB-targeting chemotypes, across various structurally and computationally elucidated binding modes, is an exciting discovery opportunity. With novel compounds and mechanism of action insights from this collaboration, we hope to accelerate our ongoing efforts to deliver differentiated medicines to patients in need.”

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