Pfizer Joins the TriNetX Global Health Research Network

Pfizer has joined the TriNetX global health research network. As a member, Pfizer will have access to clinical data from TriNetX’s network of healthcare organizations to support clinical study and protocol design, site identification, and patient recruitment for clinical trials across a range of therapeutic areas and development stages.

TriNetX is a global health research network that connects healthcare organizations, biopharmaceutical companies, and contract research organizations (CROs) to collaborate, enhance trial design, accelerate patient recruitment, conduct in-depth research, and help bring new therapies to market faster. Through TriNetX’s cloud-based platform, researchers are able to analyze patient populations and perform “what-if” analyses in real-time. Users of the platform are presented with aggregate views, but each data point in the TriNetX network can be traced to healthcare organizations who have the ability to identify patients, allowing clinical researchers to develop virtual patient cohorts for potential recruitment into a clinical trial.

“Pfizer joined TriNetX to harness real world data for clinical trial optimization, with the goal of accelerating our ability to bring new therapies to market,” said Dr. Mohanish Anand, Head of Study Optimization at Pfizer. “Pfizer will use the real-time access to clinical, genomic and oncology data to design clinical trial protocols with greater efficiency. For example, we hope to reduce avoidable amendments by identifying and correcting overly restrictive inclusion and exclusion criteria early in the design process.”

Pfizer is dedicated to applying its cutting-edge science and its global resources to bring therapies to people that extend and significantly improve their lives. Its goal is to set the standard for quality, safety, and value in the discovery, development, and manufacture of healthcare products. The TriNetX network will help Pfizer to recruit hard-to-find patients with rare diseases and to identify sites with access to patients who meet inclusion and exclusion criteria.

“Our members are liberating data that is trapped within disparate databases all around the world and through our platform, we’re able to provide researchers with access to rich, longitudinal and harmonized data,” said Gadi Lachman, CEO at TriNetX. “We are honored that Pfizer has selected us as a digital partner to help in its strategic initiative to leverage real world data across its organization, from drug development to outcomes and healthcare research.”

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