MEDISCA Signs Out-Licensing Agreement with Torrey Hills Technologies for its ProMill Cleaning Tool

MEDISCA announced that an out-licensing agreement has been signed with California-based Torrey Hills Technologies Inc., for its innovative ointment mill cleaning tool for ProMill™. The ProMill™ cleaning tool will be used with all ointment mills operated across diverse industries.

Source: Medisca

“MEDISCA is pleased to be entering into this agreement with Torrey Hills Technologies Inc. Ointment mills are a critical piece of technology for any compounding pharmacy, however the technology spans far beyond the pharmaceutical industry. It’s enlightening that such a simple innovation will streamline the jobs of many operators across the world by addressing an unmet need,” said Antonio Dos Santos, President.

Three roll ointment mills are widely used to mix electronic thick film inks, high performance ceramics, cosmetics, plastisols, carbon/graphite, paints, printing inks, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, glass coatings, dental composites, pigment, coatings, adhesives, sealants, and foods. Torrey Hills has over 20 years of success in manufacturing three roll mills, which are sold worldwide.

Traditionally, cleaning ointment mills was a lengthy process, involving soapy water, alcohol or other solvents, as well as tissues or paper towels. The rolls were cleaned manually and separately, resulting in unwanted turnaround times. MEDISCA’s ProMill™ cleaning tool makes cleaning quick and effortless without removal of the rollers.

Torrey Hills Inc.’s license will allow it to develop cleaning tools specific to any size ointment mill and is expected to be commercialized worldwide.

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