MEDISCA Announces Exclusive Partnership with German Manufacturer SAMIX

MEDISCA announced the launch of SAMIX Systems, a new line of highly reliable and versatile compounding systems for efficient mixing. Through this partnership, MEDISCA will be the exclusive distributor of the product line in North America. Engineered and manufactured in Germany, the SAMIX product line is an alternative solution for compounding pharmacies.

“We are proud to partner with the best compounding industry stakeholder like SAMIX. We realized that there was a growing demand for reliable mixing compounding systems in the market. Supported by our US-based service center for technical assistance, we are confident this new product line will meet pharmacists’ needs,” said Panagiota Danopoulos, Director of Product Development at MEDISCA.

SAMIX mixing machines feature an automatic lifting function and high stirrer motor power that results in efficiency and precision that exceed industry standards. The line includes numerous accessories and superior quality jars designed to provide an evaporation and contamination-free vessel that will not leak even with water. Extremely versatile, SAMIX machines will also work with other brands of jars.

This new superior line distinguishes itself by its modernity and leading-edge technology. It provides compounding professionals with high quality mixing machines that combine great performance and accuracy to address the evolving field of pharmaceutical compounding.

Likeminded in developing and delivering the highest quality of safe and innovative products, the partnership between MEDISCA and SAMIX will give pharmacies throughout Canada and the United States access to the most efficient mixing solutions. This will significantly contribute towards improving day-to-day operations within the pharmacy and assist in meeting individual patient needs.

SAMIX is based in Zella-Mehlis and designs and manufactures a range of premium compounding systems and consumables. Its products enable precision preparation and provides professional storage and dispensing vessels for compounding pharmacies.

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