Marina Biotech Announces Name Change to Adhera Therapeutics

Marina Biotech announced that it has changed its name to Adhera Therapeutics and that it will begin using the ticker ATRX, in each case effective October 9, 2018. This new name reflects the company’s mission to develop and commercialize unique pharmaceutical therapies and leverage technology to improve patient outcomes.

“Many treatment regimens fail or have limited impact because of a lack of patient adherence which hinders the benefits of the intended treatment. We are committed to developing resources that assist patients in adhering to their prescribed treatment regimen,” said Robert C. Moscato, Jr., Chief Executive Officer of Adhera Therapeutics. “Our innovative approach is centered on simplifying the delivery of medicines and enhancing the dialogue between patients and providers.”

“We are modernizing how medicine is delivered. While treatments have improved relative to effectiveness, the hurdles through which patients go just to take their medicine and adhere to the physician’s intended daily treatment is often complex,” said Erik Emerson, Chief Commercial Officer. “We are going to provide effective treatment regimens in a way that is easier for patients to integrate into their lives. Improved adherence will ensure more fully effective treatments thereby improving patient’s lives.”

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