Evonik launches EUDRAGIT FL 30 D-55, an advanced combination polymer that sets a new benchmark for enteric coatings

Evonik announced the launch of an advanced combination polymer for enteric coatings.

EUDRAGIT® FL 30 D-55 leverages Evonik’s new, proprietary AEMP® technology (Advanced Excipient Manufacturing Process) to combine the respective benefits of two well-established and monographed polymers including EUDRAGIT® L 30 D-55.

EUDRAGIT® FL 30 D-55 is a highly flexible polymer that enables plasticizer-free formulations, making it ideal for the compression of coated multiparticulates. It can be sprayed with a smooth, fast and no-stick process for excellent adhesion. As a single product, spray suspension preparation times can be reduced by up to 70%, while lowering manufacturing costs and total required polymer volumes. It has also been shown to reduce coating film thicknesses, creating opportunities for increased drug loading.

“As the first ever excipient based upon our proprietary AEMP® technology, EUDRAGIT® FL 30 D-55 combines the best features of two well-accepted polymers including EUDRAGIT® L 30 D-55, which has been the gold standard for enteric coatings for decades,” said Paul Spencer, Global Head of Oral Drug Delivery Solutions for the Health Care business line of Evonik. “This high-tech excipient features extremely high flexibility even without plasticizers. EUDRAGIT® FL 30 D-55 sets a new standard for enteric coatings to help customers reduce processing complexity, lower preparation times and save costs.”

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