Emotional Brain declares successful Phase 2B trials for FSIAD products Lybrido and Lybridos

Emotional Brain finally declares the successful Phase 2B results for its products Lybrido and Lybridos that were tested in 497 women suffering from Female sexual interest and Arousal disorder, results of which were published in the authoritative journal of sexual medicine.

Signifying high efficacy in sexual satiation in FSIAD women, it signified an on-demand oral treatment. It adopted a personalized medicine approach to address individual needs without interaction with alcohol intakes or another such side-effects.

Its products Lybrido is designed for women with FSIAD as a result of a relative insensitive brain system for sexual stimuli. Lybridos is specifically designed for women with FSIAD as a result of an overactive sexual inhibition system in the brain. Results reveal incredible changes in satisfactory sexual events from baseline as compared to placebo and monotherapy thus outdoing placebo and monotherapy eventually.

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