Cantex Pharmaceutical’s CX-01 product in severe myeloid Leukemia studies reveal immense respite rates

Cantex Pharmaceuticals which is a clinical stage  bio-pharmaceutical company developing proprietary pharmaceuticals that enhance the treatment of cancers and other fatal disorders declared that results from the pilot study of its CX-01 product candidate in profound myeloid Leukemia that has been published in the peer-reviewed journal, Blood Advances.

The study reveals that CX-01 in combination with chemotherapy exhibited promising remission rates along with rapid platelet recovery that was well tolerated. Cantex’s CX-01 is an investigational agent that could enhance the effectiveness of leukemia treatments.  One potential mechanism of action of CX-01 is disruption of the adhesion of leukemia cells in the protective bone marrow environment.

The title of the paper “Combination of the Low Anticoagulant Heparin CX-01 with Chemotherapy for the Treatment of Acute Myeloid Leukemia,” reported results from Cantex’s pilot study of CX-01 in combination with chemotherapy (cytarabine and idarubicin given on a “7 + 3″ schedule) for the treatment of AML.  Data from the study indicated that 92% (11 of 12) of patients achieved a complete remission following a single induction cycle of CX-01 in combination with chemotherapy treatment.”

Stephen Marcus, M.D., Chief Executive Officer of Cantex and a co-author of the paper, stated, “Results from the pilot study suggest that CX-01 in combination with chemotherapy could provide a potentially efficacious therapy for the treatment of AML.  Not only did the study produce highly encouraging remission rates after a single induction cycle of chemotherapy, but the therapy also suggested a more rapid white blood cell and platelet count recovery, which is important to recovery from intensive chemotherapy.”



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