Xcede Patch Clinical trial dossier submitted to MREC to begin first-in-human clinical trial

The Medical Ethical Review Committee sought the Xcede Patch clinical trial dossier to initiate first-in-human clinical trial that eyes the treatment of up to 30 patients encountering liver resection set to occur at two major liver surgery centers in the Netherlands. Depending on the approval sought, patient are likely to be treated with the Xcede Patch in the Netherlands in early 2018.Xcede is into developing and manufacturing innovative hemostatic and sealant products for primarily profound traumatic bleeding and other such severe medical applications.Prior to this, Xcede declared securing the entailed ISO 10993-1 Testing Program.

Linda Zuckerman, Ph.D., President and CEO of Xcede Technologies, Inc stated “We are very excited to announce this clinical trial submission and significant milestone in the development of the Xcede Patch.”

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