LexisNexis Risk Solutions Launches an Offering to Help Life Sciences Organizations Understand and Navigate Complex IDNs

The pressure for Life Science Organizations (LSOs) to maintain growth and profitability amid health care reform, industry consolidation and expanding regulations has forced a transformation and restructuring of the life sciences landscape. With the formation of Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs), LSOs have been forced to shift from traditional sales models to account-based selling models – a shift that’s created more questions than answers due to the complex, layered nature of IDNs. Understanding how these systems of care are structured and intersect is crucial information that has historically been difficult to attain.

LexisNexis Risk Solutions has developed LexisNexis® Systems of Care, an offering that helps LSOs to answer questions about IDNs and provides detailed demographic, claims and affiliation and relationship data, as well as the subject matter expertise the LSO needs to understand what the data means and how it can be applied to grow their business.
“Increasingly, more and more drugs and devices are sold to IDNs, which creates new opportunities for LSOs,” said Theresa Greco, Vice President of Life Sciences, LexisNexis Health Care. “Systems of Care provides LSOs with requisite insight to navigate the IDN network of hospitals, medical groups, pharmacies and individuals by providing the quality data and advanced analytic insights to support both strategic initiatives and operational tactics.”

The LexisNexis Systems of Care offering provides both the breadth and depth of information required to effectively navigate the changing marketplace. This includes the demographic profile, affiliation and relationship data on IDNs that includes coverage of more than 8.5 million U.S. health care practitioners, 1 million organizations and more than 2.7 million health care provider and health care organization affiliations. That data vastness enables LSOs to seamlessly integrate comprehensive provider information and understand their relationships across IDNs, GPOs, ACOs, payers and health care systems.

Additionally, the power of volume-based medical claims intelligence from 1.2B annual medical claims enables customers to both identify high-impact practitioners and facilities within an IDN and understand how an individual physician is splitting time among facilities and where the physician is performing which procedures.

To learn more about LexisNexis Systems of Care, please visit: https://www.lexisnexis.com/risk/downloads/whitepaper/abcs-idn-wp.pdf

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