Challenges & Opportunities in the Specialty Pharmacy Space

Delta Marketing Dynamics (DMD) announces the release of “The Current State of Specialty Pharmacy: Challenges and Opportunities”, a whitepaper based on the analysis of executive-level interviews and secondary research conducted by DMD. This is the first whitepaper in a new 2017 series related to Specialty Pharmaceuticals by DMD. It is intended for use by both Specialty Pharmacy Providers (SPPs) and Specialty Pharmaceutical manufacturers (SPMs) to help each understand and ultimately optimize the patient journey for important, complicated, and often costly specialty medicines.  The topics covered in this series will be focused on core opportunities and challenges facing specialty pharmaceutical stakeholders today and in the near future.

Specialty pharmaceuticals are a core part of the US healthcare solution.  While initially focused on rare diseases and products with challenging handling requirements, the definition for specialty pharmaceuticals is broadening.  Estimates suggest that future growth in specialty drug spending could quadruple by 2020, reaching about $400 billion or 9.1% of national health care spending.

“DMD is glad to revisit the challenges and opportunities in this space and see how market forces have changed since last year”, said James Sharples, Vice President at Delta Marketing Dynamics, a leading marketing research consultancy in the healthcare space.  “Each year, DMD hears from our clients about the changing dynamics with specialty medications and we publish these white papers to help answer their questions.”

For this reason, DMD has analyzed the challenges and opportunities in this space today, and expectations for the next few years. DMD supplemented previous secondary research with interviews of key executives in both SPM and SPP organizations. Key topics on this whitepaper include:

  • Which challenges are most threatening to stakeholder’s success (Access to specialty medications, sustainability in the face of reimbursement pressures, and illustrating quantifiable value to multiple customers simultaneously)?
  • What opportunities could drive stakeholder success (Robust specialty pharmaceutical pipeline, taking full advantage of technology and data, and driving adherence)?

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