Wuxi and Aravive extend biologics collaboration for AVB-S6-500

Wuxi Biologics and Aravive Biologics collaborate to extend their biologics manufacturing collaboration, based on the rapid success achieved in the process development, scale-up and cGMP manufacture of Aravive’s lead drug candidate, AVB-S6-500 (previously referred to as Aravive-S6). The decision comes in the wake of filing a U.S Investigational New Drug application (IND) for AVB-S6-500, a novel GAS6-AXL pathway inhibitor.

AVB-S6-500 is a novel biologic drug candidate that neutralizes GAS6 with high affinity and is designed to inhibit the GAS6-AXL signaling pathway. Research has shown GAS6-AXL signaling to be a key molecular pathway that is believed to promote tumor growth and metastasis, as well as tumor immune evasion and resistance to other anticancer agents.

Ray Tabibiazar, M.D., Chairman of Aravive said “We look forward to building on our relationship with WuXi Biologics as we move forward with our plans to advance AVB-S6-500 into clinical testing and expand the Aravive pipeline over the coming years.”

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