Sterling Pharma Solutions surges visibility in Japan

Sterling Pharma Solutions witnessed growth in the Japanese market owing to its technical capabilities and innovation strategy. Sterling’s technology and innovation strategy, which has won them two major contracts in Japan in 2017, is designed to ensure it is at the forefront of new developments in API manufacturing. Sterling Pharma Solutions has been successfully audited by the Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Agency (PDMA) in Japan.

Kevin Cook, CEO of Sterling Pharma Solutions said: “Japan is the third largest pharmaceutical market in the world and over the last few years we have seen a lot of development in the innovator API space.Sterling is strong when it comes to managing the challenges associated with innovator APIs and this is largely due to our commitment to developing and utilizing new technologies to deliver complex molecules with quality output on time.”

The company works with a number of academic organisations on a several projects, including a fluorination project with Professor Graham Sandford at Durham University and a continuous processing project with John Blacker at Leeds University. It also works with specialist technology companies, including Prozomics and Nzomics Biocatalysis at Northumbria University.”

Image Source: Sterling Pharma Solutions

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