Novaliq Enrols Dry Eye disease patients in its SEECASE Phase 2 Clinical Trial of NOV03

Novaliq announces randomizing patients in its SEECASE Phase 2 clinical trial of NOV03 for treating dry eye disease. Novaliq is a pharmaceutical company delivering drugs that transforms poorly soluble drugs into therapeutics suitable for ophthalmology. DED is a complex and intricate ailment of the ocular surface. The tear film lipid layer is responsible for physiological hydration of the ocular surface and for ocular homeostasis.

Patients afflicted with evaporative dry eye disease usually have dysfunctional TFLL owing to Meibomian gland dysfunction. NOV03 immediately stabilizes the lipid layer thus prohibiting lipid layer evaporation by penetrating the meibomian glands by dissolving meibomian lipids thus enhancing the functionality of the meibomian glands. Novaliq’s SEECASE clinical trial (NCT 03333057) is a phase 2, multi-center, randomized, double-masked, saline-controlled study to assess the effect of NOV03 at two different dosing regimens at two and four administrations per day depending on the signs and symptoms of DED.

Joseph Tauber, MD, and practicing ophthalmologist at Tauber Eye Center, Kansas City, MO commented “The tear film’s lipid layer is frequently impaired in patients with evaporative dry eye and MGD. A curative therapeutic option that addresses the tear film and is free of water, surfactants, and preservatives, would be greatly welcomed and provide real clinical value to patients and doctors alike.”

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