Kalorama escalates IVD innovations to combat Sepsis

Kalorama states that IVD industry has embarked on  an approach to advance IVD innovations in Sepsis. Sepsis is characterized by tedious detection in its early stages as  fever, respiratory and circulatory issues – are commonly associated with other conditions.  The market researcher’s The Worldwide Market for In Vitro Diagnostic Tests, 10th Edition is Kalorama Information’s latest round-up of the clinical testing market.

Sepsis is a potentially lethal condition in which the immune system responds hazardously to an infection ending up turning instead on the host body. It is a potential complication of infection, as chemicals released in the body from the immune response can lead to tissue damage and organ failure, and ultimately, to death. Some of the innovations reveled are:

Biocartis has been in a collaborative partnership with Microbiome since 2015 to develop and license a multiplex qPCR assay for the rapid detection of bloodstream infections.BCU infection catridge available for Cureti’s Unyvero platform , which detects up to 103 analytes, covering pathogens associated with bloodstream infections and sepsis, as well as for resistance biomarkers; the German company is also in collaboration with Acumen Research Laboratories of Singapore on the development of a Sepsis Host Response cartridge for the Unyvero, which will detect changes in patients’ immune systems indicative of bloodstream infection and SIRS.

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