Dr. Johanna C. Bendell entitled Chief Development Officer for Sarah Cannon

Sarah Cannon entitled Johanna C. Bendell, MD, to Chief Development Officer. Her responsibilities encompass developing and expanding physician, site and Pharma relationships across the Sarah Cannon network thereby accelerating the organization’s collaborative efforts to ensure qualitative treatment options viable for patients.

Howard A. “Skip” Burris III, MD, President of Clinical Operations and Chief Medical Officer for Sarah Cannon exclaimed “Under her leadership, we look forward to continuing to enhance access to the latest treatments for people facing cancer in communities across the U.S. and UK.”

As Chief Development Officer, Dr. Bendell will work closely with the leaders of Sarah Cannon Development Innovations, the organization’s CRO, and clinical operations teams to provide lead the system.

Prior to this Sarah Cannon has served since 2008 as Director of the GI Cancer Research Program and Associate Director of the Drug Development Program at Sarah Cannon Research Institute. Dr. Bendell will continue to spearhead drug  development and lead Sarah Cannon’s GI cancer research initiatives.

Image Source: Sarah Cannon

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