Bio-Techne offers reagents and kits from Vector Laboratories

Labeling and detection solutions, Bio-Techne now provides reagents and kits from Vector Laboratories that doles out reliable, sensitive, and low background detection. In October, 2017, Bio-Techne initiated distribution of Vector Laboratories products to bat for its Novus Biologicals primary antibodies, including over 13,000 monoclonal- and over 36,000 polyclonal-antibodies, validated for immunohistochemistry or immunocytochemistry. With the aid of amalgamation of the above two products, researchers possess the powerful tools  to attain immunostaining.

Several reagents available from Vector Laboratories for distribution within the U.S includes: Mouse on Mouse Kits, VECTASTAIN ABC Kits,ImmPRESS Anti-IgG Polymer Detection Kits and VECTASHIELD Mounting Media.

Kaveri Arora, a PhD candidate at the SUNY Downstate Medical Center, Department of Cell Biology, stated “This kit is the easiest way to do IHC, works very well with mouse tissues and generates high quality results.”

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